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Located in a well-positioned place in the city center of the historical city of Isfahan, the three-star Sepahan hotel is one of the first standard accommodation centers in the city. It is in the vicinity of major tourist sites such as the splendid Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Mosque, and Chehel Sotun Palace.The hotel provides pleasant moments for its guests in rooms and suites with suitable facilities at a budget price along with a beautiful restaurant and a traditional teahouse serving delicious foods and beverages in a comfortable atmosphere. The exciting advantage of the hotel is the outdoor space on the fourth floor where guests can enjoy an amazing view of the wonderful historical
monuments of Isfahan.

The area of hotels roof

This part is located in hotels fourth floor and it is a good sight to the Imam square (meydan - e - Imam) , Imam mosque , Ali Qapu palace , and another places of interest in Isfahan .
You can have all kind of welfare and facilities such as : fride , TV , cenral video , of satellite channels , split heater and cooler system , key card , private safe , hygienc service and international telephone net .

Room and suits of the hotel

The area of hotel restaurant

Its decorate of Iranian highborn architecture and in this hotel we offer you whatever you would : nice view , delicious food , mild music and good services .
Sepahan hotel has many facilities such as : meeting room and restaurant , teahouse of roof area , coffee shop , parking and pool service .

Welfar Supplies and facilities

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Why Sepahan Hotel?
The Sepahan Hotel is the same suitable hotel you look for in Isfahan known as “half of the world”. A calm and clean accommodation situated in the historical texture of the city. It is in a well-positioned place in the vicinity of the tourist sites. T
Touring Isfahan
Located in Ostandari street at the end of Farshadi street, the Sepahan hotel is in the historical texture of Isfahan. By staying in the hotel, guests can easily go to Naghshe Jahan square, Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques. Also, it is possible to en
Management Remarks
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  • farshadi aven - ostandari st - isfahan - iran
  • 031-32221235
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